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Royal Canin PERSIAN 30 Adult 2 kg

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Your Persian allies power and beauty like no other cat. Sublime right down to the tips of her toes, she spends hours on grooming her incredible, long coat. The Persian has a special way of eating (using the underside of her tongue) due to her brachycephalic jaw, which is why Royal Canin has developed the “Almond 11” kibble. Thanks to an optimal surface area, this shape makes it easy for the Persian to pickup the kibble. Persian ADULT contains a complex of fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins to support a healthy coat and also helps limit hairball formation thanks to a combination of exclusive fibres.

Targeted nutrition to help strengthen the skin barrier and promote a strong, healthy coat.

Supports the passage of hair through the digestive tract to help minimize the formation and regurgitation of hairballs.

Formulated to be highly digestible, help support digestive health and an optimal stool consistency.

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