CARDINAL Housebreaking Aid 60 ML

CARDINAL Housebreaking Aid 60 ML

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CARDINAL Housebreaking Aid 60 ML

Spot Train Your Puppy

Sold By: Caminade Pet Shop

Housebreaking Aid helps you train your puppy to use “one spot” indoors or outdoors.


Indoors: Put several drops of housebreaking aid on a newspaper on in a box near the door. Let the puppy sniff the spot. After each meal, upon awakening, and before retiring, carry the puppy to the spot. Add fresh scent to the newspapers frequently. Your puppy will soon train himself.

Outdoors: To keep lawns, flowers and shrubs beautiful, use housebreaking aid to train your dog to one spot. Put several drops in selected area twice weekly. Take your pet to the spot frequently until he is trained.